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Design the building blocks of your solution that can be stitched together into one.

Take your challenge from uncertainty to clarity. Never miss the mark, fail, or overestimate budgets.

My approach to design in business:To design is to solve a challenge by creating something that works better.Creation is the outcome of understanding, discovering, analyzing, and surfacing insights.Only when priorities and capabilities are clear can you roadmap and stitch together a solution.

The market trends are changing and progressing. That's why it's crucial for your company's problem-solving to evolve too.

Three things I can help you with

Ambiguous or complex business challenge

Research & discovery

This is a crucial step in a project; it's the phase that informs what the future state will look like.This service provides:Deeply understand audience pain points and business goals. Identify, communicate, and rank problems and opportunities. Serve as a knowledge source and alignment point. Contribute to defining scope and capabilities, serving as a starting point for effective cross-functional team collaboration.This approach will define the scope and business requirements, ultimately addressing both user and business needs. Reaching future state with confidence.

ServiceQuick assessmentDeep dive assessment
Fees$1000 - $1950$2500 - $3500

Idea or concept

Designing prototype of an idea or concept

This service provides:It could be an extension of the above service based on the nature of the project or stand alone.It aims to turn ideas into tangible prototypes. A prototype represents a concept, allowing for quick testing and iteration. Involving users in the testing phase is essential to gather feedback on prototypes.The goal of designing a prototype is to test an idea, make decisions on whether to proceed, or validate the key capabilities and features needed in future product or solution.Allowing to define the capabilities and rank them from must-to-have to nice-to-have.

ServiceLow fidelityHigh fidelity
Fees$1800 - $2200$2500 - $3000

Improve existing product

Continuous Improvement

This service provides:Refine and enhance the user experience of existing digital products (web and mobile applications) based on user feedback and changing market conditions. Additionally, design new features to be added to products.

Size of improvementMediumLarge
Fees$500- $800$1000 - $2000

To find a solution for your business challenge, we need to deeply understand the environment of the problem and then design the building blocks of the solution, which will inform priorities and capabilities.

Helping you solve challenges to

Become a better company

Kontinyoo is a design consultancy serves you at the intersection of Design & business innovation.